About Primal Instinct


Primal Instinct Brand was founded in January 2020, and is designed with a unique feel for comfort and oversize wear. It's Unisex - by being so minimalistic, it lends itself to be worn in a different way by everyone who wears it.

Lebanese designers are famous worldwide for sending fashion to the world’s most coveted red-carpets, it’s only recently that we’ve seen actual Lebanese production of garments, and Primal Instinct prides itself in being a fully local, ethical and sustainable retail brand.

The PI founders have always longed for something different, researching uniqueness in feeling. Through experiences such as world travel, adventure & excitement, thrills & extremes, they were able to translate what they felt and poured it into the creation of Primal Instinct Brand. 


Production of clothing wastes more energy than the aircraft and shipping markets combined — can you even imagine what that means? It’s enormous. And finally, our awareness is slowly growing. People are now more conscious about where and how their clothes are made, and ethical fashion is trending. PI makes sure everyone on the supply chain is compensated fairly, and that every piece produced ends up in a home. No wasteful unlimited productions, and no cutting corners.
What PI ends up with is a quality you get from a luxury brand, but at accessible prices.



Both the brand and the clothes stem from our own identities — and everything from the way we deal with customers and suppliers, to the designs we make and choice of colors is a part of that. A genuine process to create clothes we love to wear.

The idea was to create something unique, giving the opportunity for each person who dresses in PI to express themselves in their own unique way. Like the name “primal instinct” the message behind the brand is to free oneself from societal constraints, and dare to be yourself, whatever that may be.